AUG 2014

P = Producer     CP = Co-Producer     E = Engineer     M = Mix     MA = Mastered     AP = Additional Production

Alda Reserve Love Goes On (1979) Sire CP, E, M
Another Pretty Face 21st Century Rock (1974 / Finally released 2004!) Bummer Tent P, E, M, MA
Babe The Blue Ox People (1996) RCA M
Baby Animals Shaved and Dangerous (1993) Imago P, E, M
Kathy Baillie Love’s Funny That Way (2007) IMC AP, M
Baillie & the Boys Lovin' Every Minute (1996) Intersound M
Peter Baldrachi Back To The Start (2012) Prodigal Son Records M
Steve Barton Charm Offensive (2005) Sleepless P, E, M, MA
Frank Bango The Sweet Songs Of Decay (2008) Sincere M
Lester Bangs and Birdland Birdland with Lester Bangs (1986) Bacchus M
Bazuka Bazuka Bazuka (Dyn-o-mite) (1975) A & M E, M
BLACKFIRE [Silence] Is A Weapon (2007) Tacoho Records P,E,M,MA
Big Audio Dynamite I Turned Out A Punk (Single) (1995) Radioactive M
The Big F Is (1993) Chrysalis P, M
Biohazard State of the World Address (1994)
New World Disorder (1999)
Uncivilization (2001)
Means To An End (2005)
P, E, M
David Bradstreet David Bradstreet (1976)
Dreaming in Color (1978)
A & M E, M
E, M
Brandywine Aged (1970) Brunswick Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Burning Rome Burning Rome (1983) A & M CP, E, M
Butterfly Assassins sylvia (2008) Old Flame Records M
Shirley Caesar You Can Make It (2000)
Shirley Caesar and Friends (2003)
Word E, M
Cano Au Nord De Notre Vie (1977) A & M Canada E, M
The Cavedogs Joyrides for Shut-Ins (1990) Capitol P, E, M
The Chambers Brothers Unbonded (1974) AVCO E, M
The Chesterfield Kings Psychedelic Sunrise (2007)
Live Onstage...If you want it (2009)
Wicked Cool AP, M
Chinga Chavin Jet Lag (1978) 777 E, M
Clarence Clemmons Hero (1985) Columbia M
The Coal Porters Durango (2010)
Find The One(2012)
Prima Records P,E,M,MA
Code Blue True Story (1982) Enigma P, E, M
Collision Coarse (1995) Columbia P, E, M
Color Me Gone Color Me Gone (1984) A & M E
The Connection Comes and Goes - EP (2014) Indie CP, M, MA, Guitar
Julian Cope Saint Julian (1987)
Try, Try, Try (Single) (1995)
P, E, M
P, M
Marshall Crenshaw Life's Too Short (1991) MCA P, E, M
Crossfire Choir Back to the Wall (1988) Track P, E, M
The Dahlmanns He's A Drag (2014) Pop Detective P, M
Dance Hall Crashers Live Record: Witless Banter (2000) Pink & Black M
The Dickies Stukas Over Disneyland (1983) Enigma CP, E
Dogstar Our Little Visionary (1995) ZOO P, E, M
The DoughBoys Is It Now? (2007)
Act Your Rage (2009)
RAM Records MA
Empty Hearts The Empty Hearts (2014) 429/Universal P, E, M
The Escorts All We Need Is Another Chance (1973)
(Recorded Live at Rahway State Prison!!)
Alithia E, M
Face to Face Confrontation (1985) Epic CP, E, M
Fatback Band Man with the Band (1978) Spring M
Fetchin' Bones Monster (1989) Capitol P, E, M
Five Eight Gasolina! (1997) Velvel P, E, M
Flashcubes Brilliant (2003) Northside M
Fugitive Kind You’re Being Watched (2008) Castor.Pollux P,E,M,MA
Fuzzy Killing Machine Enjoy & Destroy (2010) Chair 8 Records P,E,M,MA
Garolou Lougarou (1976)
Garolou (1978)
Romancero (1980)
Centre-Ville (1982)
London Canada P, E, M
Micki Grant Lovin' Kind of Woman (1974) Mercury E, M
Greta This Is Greta! (1995) Mercury M
Robit Hairman Resident Alien (1983) Island P, E, M
Handsome Devil Love and Kisses from the Underground (2001) RCA CP, E, M
The Jeff Healey Band Hell to Pay (1990) Arista P, E, M
Heretix Gods & Gangsters (1990) Island P, E, M
The Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds Music for Lovers (1973)
The Black Motion Picture Experience (1973)
Buddah E, M
Hoodoo Gurus Kinky (1991)
Crank (1994)
Purity Of Essence (2010)
Sony Music
P, E, M
Mick Jagger Primitive Cool (1987) Columbia E, M
Joan Jett Pure & Simple (1994) Warner CP, E, M
Junkyard Sixes Seven and Nines (1991) Geffen P, E, M
Kalyan Kalyan (1976) MCA E, M
Kilgore Search for Reason (1998) Warner P, E, M
Eric Kloss Bodies Warmth (1976) Muse E, M
Gladys Knight & the Pips Imagination (Midnight Train to Georgia) (1973)
I Feel a Song (1974)
Still Together (1977)
Bless This House (1975)
Buddah E, M
O'Donel Levy Time Has Changed (1977) LRC Records E, M
Lisa Bouchelle Paint Your Dreams (2007)
Blue Room With a Red Vase (2010)
Cement Shoes Records
Varèse Sarabande
Little Girls Thank Heaven! (1983) PVC CP, E, M
Living Colour Vivid (1988)
Time's Up (1990)
Biscuits (1991)
Epic P, E, M
Nils Lofgren Flip (1985) Columbia M
The Long Ryders Two Fisted Tales (1987) Island P, E, M
LOURDS Lourds (2006) Breaking Records P, E, M
Love Nut Baltimucho! (1998) Big Deal P, E, M
Maxeen Maxeen (2003) Side One Dummy P, E, M
Freddy Mercury Living On My Own (Single) (1985) Columbia M
Barry Miles Silverlight (1974)
Magic Theater (1976)
London E, M
Miracle Legion Out To Play (1993) Morgan Creek P, E, M
MISFITS Famous Monsters (1999)
The Devils Rain (2011)
DEA.D. ALIVE! (2013)
Misfits Records
Misfits Records
P, M
James Montgomery Band Duck Fever (1977) Waterhouse E
Morse Code Codebreaker (1983) Aquarius/Capitol P, E, M
Motörhead 1916 (1991) WTG P
Nada Surf Weight Is A Gift (2005) Barsuk M
Nerfherder Don't Hate Me (Because I'm Beautiful) (2001) Universal/Mojo P, E, M
No Use For A Name More Betterness! (1999) Fat Wreck Chords M
Paceshifters Home (2012) Simpatico Records P, E, M, MA
Pennywise Live at the Key Club (2000) Epitaph E
Simon Phillips & Jeff Babko Vantage Point (2000) Jazzline E
Pilot Welcome to Morin Heights (1976) EMI E
Plasmatics New Hope for the Wretched (1980) Stiff P, M
The Pursuit of Happiness Downward Road (1993) Mercury P, E, M
Joey Ramone ...Ya Know? (2012) BMG P, E, M, MA
Ramones Leave Home (1977)
Rocket To Russia (1977)
Road To Ruin (1978)
It's Alive (1979)
Rock 'N' Roll High School (1979)
End of the Century (1980)
Too Tough To Die (1984)
Mondo Bizarro (1992)
Greatest Hits Live (1996)
Pleasant Dreams - Expanded (2002)
E, M
E, M
P, E, M
P, E, M
P, E, M
Musical Director
P, E, M
P, E, M
P, E
Ratt Ratt EP (1983) Atlantic CP, E, M
The Rattlers Rattled! (1985) PVC P, E, M
Genya Ravan Urban Desire (1978) 20th Century E, M
Suzanne Real Kiss Me Like A Man (2012) Reale Music P, E, M, MA
Martha Reeves The Rest Of My Life (1975) Arista E, M
Reverend Horton Heat Space Heater (1998)
Lucky 7 (2002)
Revival (2004)
P, E, M
P, E, M
P, M
Richard X Heyman Actual Sighs (2007) Turn Up The Music M
The Searchers Love's Melodies (1981) Sire CP, E, M
Helen Scheneider Let It Be Now (1974)
Schneider With The Kick (1981)
WEA Germany
E, M
P, E, M
Scruffy The Cat Boom Boom Bingo (1987) Relativity P, E, M
The Skull Snaps Scull Snaps (1973) Remastered (2005) by Aztec Music GSF E, M
7 Seconds Scream Real Loud (2000) Side One Dummy M
Sha Na Na Sha Na Na Now (1975) Buddah E, M
Sharp Edges Slice of Life (1983) Aquarius/Capitol P, E, M
Shy Talk Shy Talk (1985) Columbia M
Sibling Rivalry In a Family Way EP (1994) Alternative Tentacles P, E
The Sighs What Goes On (1992) Virgin P
Silverado Taking It All in Stride (1977) RCA E, M
Carly Simon Tired Of Being Blonde (1985) Arista E, M
Skypark Over Blue City (2000) Word P, E, M
Slick Shoes Far From Nowhere (2003) Side One Dummy P, E, M
Sihasin Never Surrender (2012) Sihasin P, E, M, MA
Brian Spence Brothers (1986) Polydor P, E, M
The Spyderz Lines of Lust (1980) WEA P, E, M
The Smithereens Beauty and Sadness (1983)
11 (1989)
Blow Up (1991)
P, E, M
P, E, M
Something Happens Stuck Together With God's Glue (1990) Virgin P, E, M
Soul Asylum Hang Time (1988) A & M CP, E, M
SugarPlum Brandies The SugarPlum Brandies EP (2012) Kozytone P, E, M, MA
Super Galore Let It Out (2005) Kick (Denmark) M
Squint Tinsel Life (2003) Hoxie Bat P, E, M
The Street Sliders Best Of (1988)
Screwdriver (1989)
Sony (Japan) M
Joe Strummer "It's a Rockin' World" from The South Park Album (1998) American M
Steel Pole Bath Tub Scars From Falling Down (1995) Polygram M
The Swimming Pool Q's The Swimming Pool Q's (1984) A & M CP, E, M
Talking Heads Talking Heads: 77 (1977)
More Songs About Buildings and Food (1978)
Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads (1982)
Sire E, M
E, M
The Tea Party Edges of Twilight (1995) EMI P, E, M
Translator Translator (1985)
Evening of Harvest (1986)
415 P, E, M
Tom Tom Club Downtown Rockers (single/2012) Nacional Records M
22 Jacks Overserved (1998)
Going North (1999)
Side One Dummy P, E, M
P, E, M
Valentine Valentine (1975) RCA M
Various Artists Todos Somos Ramones [Ramones Tribute LP] (2005) Rockaway MA
Ben Vereen Off Stage (1973) Buddah E, M
Vixen Tangerine (1998) CMC M
Peter Wolf Lights Out (1984) EMI E
Zachary Hunter In Your Dreams (2006)
Blue Sky(2013)
Aspirion P,E,M,MA